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I wish that relatively easy (compared to a completely new plane) developed planes such as the Bf109 G6 Late and Fw190 A-6 would just be added as a 6th plane, if the main argument and concern is for the people who are only going to purchase that one module and no others.



Although it seems like the way they are looking at it, is that planes like the Mosquito and Me410 are twice as much work, which is being offset by having planes with relatively little work such as the G6 Late and A6.


Also, as far as the added weight from the Fw190 A6- is it simply from the outer Mg151/20 and ammo?  Do the wings actually weigh more?  I'm not sure if this is true, but I remember reading somewhere recently that the new wings on the A6 were stronger and lighter; which if that's true, would make me think that if an A6 had it's outer guns removed, could possibly be lighter than an A5 with no outer guns?  Or are there other new features of the A6 which adds to its weight?



I also really wish they would take advantage of planes like the A20G because they've already done much of the work since they have already developed the A20B.  I feel that the plane really needs a better rear gunner.


I would absolutely love a Ju188, Do217, He177, and would be completely open to paying a higher than normal price for one of them as a premium plane - $40 would be well worth it in my opinion.

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