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Same company doing it, different forum, but no help on the rise of flight forum, and NO response from the company making the game. 



I installed the game on my new system, it wont accept password for login online.  copied entire existence of rise of flight from old computer as suggested, no ability to update.   Started with a complete uninstall, then re downloaded from the website.  


The 866mb update somehow corrupts the game files making a "second instance" event that wont let the game or launcher open in any way. 


Any thoughts?

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while I do not own/have never played RoF I can tell you that you need to provide more advance information for  - surely numerous- Il-2+RoF players in this forum to provide thoughts, help and maybe even a solution (or a workaround).

Like fe but not limited to:

  • what OS is in use ?
  • proper deinstallation via game or OS-function  or folder deletion (registry status)
  • screenshot/snippet of "second instance" event/error popups and any related status-messages 
  • default or custom install-path? 
  • more detailed description of copy-process and prior login error 
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win 10 pro 


complete uninstall using the program. then manually delete the directory folder. 


Complete transfer by copying ENTIRE directory folder from computer it logs in on and copying to new system 


That fails in that the password and log in name still fail verification, even after logging into the website forum/store

Also fails in that the update program FAILS to work, it stops working at 20% download status. 


Complete uninstall and re download from website fails in user name/password verification.   Update DOES work, but once update is installed something in the startup program is corrupted.


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16 hours ago, [=PzG=]-FlyinPinkPanther said:

I had this issue a long time ago. I believe you can bypass it by going to the startup.cfg file in the data folder. the very top has your email and password. I want to say the password field was empty and i manually inputted the password. 

thats a failure.  all that does is waste time.

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11 hours ago, =AW=Leftenant_Gerald said:

Yes, you have to manually put it into the startup.cfg file for it to work, nothing else fixes it. doesn't take quite that long in my opinion, but everyone has a different opinion on how long "long" is



copying the startup.cfg file from the pc that the game logs in on, does NOTHING.  



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There may be a problem with the copy. Sometimes Win 10 makes copies read only.  Also, there was a minor update to the game a while ago concerning personal data. An older copy will not start the launcher and just crash. You need to go into the main folder / binary / release/ rof_updater.   


I suggest it is not worth copying the game. Just download a new version.   This eliminates the updater problem because after you download and install the first thing you do is update the game.


Warning. A new download may have the wrong graphic size. Often the  login boxes are off the screen. You may need to go into the startup config file and put in the desired screen resolution.

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