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Il2 strike ( ITAF Moscow campaign n°4)

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This is my point of view during a huge IL2 strike on the Moscow campaign. It give a good impression on how we coordinate between squadrons (all non native english speaker!) for a huge attack like this (we were 32 players just for the attack!). 

For non french speakers, the subtiles are avalables on youtube.




Thanks to ITAF Aerone for the organisation and thank to all participants!

Wave 1 and 2 were composed by gRIJ and Ala13 pilots.
The wave 3 was composed by IRRE and NN pilots.

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Great video Flypatypus , really enjoyed watching it ...   

And concerning the "all non native english speakers"  ,    I ve always like italian people speaking english ...it s always remind me of  Valentino Rossi ' s   interviews , same way to speak english and i do like the italian touch in english speaking  !!!!  

Great video really a must have ! 

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