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Tiger 221 of Panzer Grenadier Division Großdeutschland Kursk 1943

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From 1943 onwards the German army used red oxide not only as a primer but also as camouflage either painted or over splashed with mud. The crews also covered up any bare metal patches as quickly as possible with paint in order to avoid metal glinting in the sun and revealing their position. I tried playing about with these ideas by painting red oxide over rust and bare metal patches with limited success. I have come across some interesting camo schemes though using red oxide so maybe next time.











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Hello,  a small corretion: German tanks start from spring 1943: 3 colour cammouflage: geman dark yellow: RAL 7028 DGI as basic camouflage; then stain camouflage with olive green: RAL 6003 and chocolate lade brown: RAL 8017;   red oxide: RAL 8012 (Menigenred) was start from late summer 1944 the replacement for RAL 7028- german yellow and RAL 6011 Resedagreen as replacement for olive green RAL 6003

What we have here is a tiger early version - surely notmused more in late summer 1944.


i know that, because i am a tank model maker since 15 years.

Kind regards



P.S.:for example. a colour set for german early tanks from the Mig Jimenez - a famousm spain model master

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