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Tank Crew Unable to Access all Positions in T34 and Sherman

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Using the keyboard key bindings in settings does not allow me to get to the 4th crew member in the T34 (they guy who sits to the right of the main gun, but up in the turret).

I can get to the driver (RShift 0), no issues.  The guy who sits on the driver's right (radioman), is on RShift 1.  Next is RShift 2, which says gunner, but should be the commander.  The confusing thing here is that the HUD says gunner, but when I open the hatch techchat says "Opening Commander's Hatch".  Is he the commander, or gunner?  The fourth guy, to the right of the Commander/gunner in the turret, is unreachable.  I THINK he is another gunner, and clearly has a hatch for himself.  But he is not reachable.  RShift 3 gives nothing, it SHOULD get to the fourth guy, if he is indeed playable.


Same thing but slightly different for the Sherman.  RShift 0 is driver, RShift 1 is gunner, RShift 2 and RShift 3 BOTH take me to the Commander's position.  The Machine Gunners position (sits to the left of the main gun in the turret) can only be reached via RShift 4.  This position is playable, but not in the settings for Tank Controls, is this by design?  Why the double bind to the Commander's position on RShift 2 and 3?  Should the Machine gunner be on RShift 3?  From the driver's position I count 5 crew in the tank, only 4 seem reachable.  Is one unplayable?


I haven't got to the other tanks yet, not in detail anyway.

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Looking at the rest of the tanks, all I can say is out of the 12 that are available, I think only 1 or 2 seem to work correctly.

I offer the following:

The PzKpfw III Ausf.L and the T-34-76 (1942) I believe are included with BOS.  Players can only get to the driver who has limited head mobility in the seat, and the gunner in gunsight mode.  Not really an issue, as I think they are just there for air users to have access to rudimentary tank cockpits.

For the vehicles included in Tank Crew:

The Sherman crew positions are doubled at the commander's position (RShift 2 and RShift 3 take you there).  The machine gunners position must be accessed through RShift 4, pretty sure this should be on RShift 3.

The T34-76 (1943) is missing a position, RShift 3 gets you nowhere, it should go to the machine gunner position.

The SU tanks are similar, only 3 positions are accessible, should be 4.  In the SU-122, even after opening the commander's hatch, he is unable to look through it (at least I couldn't get him to do so), so no Binos.

The German tanks are better, at least players can get to 4 positions, except for the Ferdinand, where only 3 are accessible.

I tested these tanks in single player quick mission, cycled positions using jump to next crew position to see what crew were available, then went the RShift 0, 1, 2, 3 keyboard to see if they matched.

I then went through all commands in the tank controls settings/keymaps section (with a select few others that I expected would work, for the most part they did, so won't be mentioned further).  Essentially I wanted to see which tank had what features/functions.  For example, the Ferdinand does not have a compass director etc.

The issues above were noticed quickly, and seemed to not be what was expected behaviour.

My overall impression is this has several bugs that detract from what could be an awesome addition to the BOS franchise.



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