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well since nobody falls in the trap i dont think its lip sync


you can tell by when he claps his hands in the beginning right before singing the claps go through


this is neither lipsync you can tell


what kind of clown would do lipsync and get paid for it after all all songs are in the algorithm a=a+1 copyright sucks



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well so now i guess is not lipsinc what i do wonder is if its live


once i was wacthing a video by lindsey sterling the violinist


at the end she said to a question i cant answer that, x is staring


or another time i was beating a slot when the girl in the radio said x has a huge advantage

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On 2/13/2021 at 10:43 PM, raaaid said:

do you think this is lip sync?




I don't want to click that because I don't want google analytics and youtube bombarding me with Cliff Richards recommendations for the next six months.

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