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Restart game after every mission

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No.  What I do is leave the game running, go back to PWCG.  BTW my task bar does pop up and that is how I access PWCG.  I then select my next mission in PWCG, minimize that screen, go back to the main game under missions.  Then select PWCG and you should find the last mission flown.  Then on that screen, in order to get to the next mission exit the mission screen, then go back into the mission screen and open PWCG and your next mission should show up.  This is how I do it.  Once you are comfortable with the process it only takes about a minute or so.


There may be a better way, any one else with better way or with a better explanation please post.  



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42 minutes ago, JP18 said:

Ok guys thanks sorry for being a noob tbh I was just being lazy haha!


NP.  it is an add on so there is a bit of weirdness in using it.   i usually just alt-tab or use the task bar.  I play the game in VR so I keep my on screen display much smaller than my actual screen.  Wish the game had a windowed mode but oh well.


If you encounter any resource issues running both at the same time I would kill PWCG when you are flying the mission rather than vice versa.  PWG starts in a few seconds.  The game takes a few minutes.


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