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A burp is all I can think of calling it...

When throttling up on the A3 and A5 (didn't look at the 8 or 9 yet), when going through about 1.0 ATA, the gauge seems to "burp".  That is, it does not keep increasing with the throttle, but hesitates just above 1.0, then drops under 1.0, then increases normally.  Same when reducing throttle, it hesitates around 1.0, jumps back to above 1.0, then decreases normally.  Its almost as if it is correcting itself, or the gauge hit an air bubble.  This phenomenon happens regardless of throttle rate of increase (I can slam it, or ease it, same thing happens).

Admittedly, I never used to pay much attention to ATA except when setting cruise power (I usually run on RPM, and set the power from there), I only noticed it a day or so ago.

This did not occur on the 109 when I tested it, which was smooth all the way through the ATA range.

Is this a "thing" on the 190?  Am I missing something?

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Someone else will explain this better than me, but it has something to do with engine automatic mixture behaviour. Kommandogerät set mixture to lean under 2150rpm and auto rich over 2150 rpm or something like that

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No need for further explanation, makes sense.  I was a bit worried it was an issue with my system, which is prone to stutters now and again, and the fact that I had not noticed it before.

Thanks for the reply :)


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In case you're unaware of this - you'll also get a bump at around 3000m when it shifts gear.  the ATA drops then when you hit just over 3,000m  it jumps from around 1.0ATA to 1.4ATA.  If you don't notice in time your engine goes pop.


von Tom

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