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Rift S, static noise and constant crashes. Possible solution

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My Rift S has become almost unusable, crashing after 5 to 10 minutes, with a high-pitch static noise, followed by a screen freeze. The sound has also become very unstable, with constant static noise coming through the Rift headphones.

After many tests and going through all the usual steps from Oculus support (uninstall and reinstall everything, new drivers, buy powered USB sockets...) I've found that I can get a decent gameplay time without crashes by disabling both the Rift Headphones and Rift Microphone form the Audio Devices in Windows 10. 
I suspect it's a drivers issue, somehow related to the static noise.

I thought I'd mention it here, just in case it helps someone else with the same problem.

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Maybe not related to the RiftS, but in my case I did have the same audio noise, despite my MSI motherboard did have an special  VR dedicated USB port, that was even been controlled by an special IC, nor the use of special MSI software to control this USB VRport. Whatever I did and found on the internet like USB powerstate always on, nothing did solved that, the only solution was to use an separate headphone and shutdown the audio from the VR-HS. 

Moving to a new type of motherboard, with BTW did not have any VR dedicated USBport and everything was solved. 

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