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Custom Joystick recognized, but still not working

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After using my G940 together with VR for 2 years, i recently started to completly change my input setup.

I discovered that its possible to use old MS Sidewinder FFB (the one with gameport, quite cheap compared to sidewinder 2 ffb with USB) with Win10 and working FFB.

After converting said joystick with an old Trustmaster Grip, i decided to also change throttle, flaps setup with an arduino joystick (HID Joystick in Win10)  keeping the g940 pedals.


After i got the MS Sidewinder working , i decided to "replicate" XCub savage setup from FS2020, with working Throttle, Flaps, Trim, Pedals and Joystick. All this was achieved with the use of arduino/teensy Microcontrollers, a few potentiometers and a recently purchased 3d printer.




Been flying (FS2020) for a week with this setup, now decided to go for a new project, building a dedicated MS Sidewinder with a KG13 Grip.


So yesterday i started up il2 for testing of current setup, how FFB of MS Sidewinder feels compared to G940, but couldnt get the Arduino Joystick (throttle, trim, Flaps, Pedals, 8 Buttons) to work in IL2.

Program recognized both new joystick at start (MS FFB + Arduino), but in game only the Sidewinder worked.

Trying to assign throttle etc in mapping, axes/inputs were not recognized.

I had problems in the past with assigning when new joysticks were used, so i deleted Input folder, but no difference. Both joysticks are discoverd at start, but assigning 2nd arduino "joystick" cant get inputs mapped.


Anyone an idea what to else to try?


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3 hours ago, Sokol1 said:

Try rename the file "Devices.txt" in \Data\Input folder.


This! It worked, thank you. Still dont understand why deleing whole folder didnt work, but doesnt matter, joy to fly.

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