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Wrong annotations above the planes.

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Brief description: Game is putting pilot names from last played session at multiplayer server.

Detailed description: 

I recorded a short track. When I replayed the track, I noticed that nick Rick1987 is above aircraft to the left of the plane where I was really sitting, while my nick 1stCL/rudidlo is placed above one on the left side. Today I tried to recheck the track and again above planes are  nicknames of players, who have played on the server where I've played last time.

Additional assets:
Track replayed after the multiplayer session with Rick 1987, I saw his and my nick above random aircrafts.

Track: https://ufile.io/6zdf6xcl

Repro steps:

  1. Record the track in the game
  2. Visit some multiplayer server with at least one player and play at least one session (take off and land).
  3. Exit the server
  4. Load previously recorded track
  5. When playing the track, press "I" key to show the markers above the aircrafts
  6. Notice that they contains nicknames from the server mentioned in point 2. 
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