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Developer Diary 271 - Discussion

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2 hours ago, BlitzPig_EL said:

I've always found it curious that the British were seemingly caught flat-footed by the Germans in this operation.  Britain had the largest navy in Europe, and the largest, though stationary, aircraft carrier in the world that was equipped with the entire RAF and FAA, yet the German fleet just sailed right on by, like a boss.


What a lost opportunity.


Absolutely agree. A cock-up of the highest order.

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Was on Omaha Beach on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of WW I, November 11, 2018. 

Was extremely moved by it. Pearl Harbor is amazing but Normandy with the WWIi beaches is hallowed ground. Even have a German cemetery there.

The US cemetery is something I shall never forget. 

Looking forward to this release.

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On 2/20/2021 at 6:25 PM, JG7_X-Man said:

Question: Is the German side getting Freya radar?


You mean as a possible groundtarget? Would be as necessary as V1 and V2 Launch sites, so my guess is yes they are hopefully working on that.


Operation Crossbow 1944


Operation Crossbow Part I | Weapons and Warfare


Operation Crossbow Part II | Weapons and Warfare

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