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Happy 2nd Anniversary - Sunday Flying Circus Furball

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S! all


We've come a long way from around a dozen people and a single airfield for each side with a small bay in between on the Kuban map, it was called the Sunday Flying Circus Furball. On the very 1st night, I know GCF and Darkowl were there, probably Seawolf and a few JG1 as well (apologies if I can't remember everyone). Now we have nearly 100 people using multiple atmospheric maps with a mix of interesting missions, thx to J99 Sizzlor, J5 Mathias and J5 Baumer.


If you haven't tried it yet, this is a sample of what you are missing.





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I agree, Sunday Afternoon Fly-Ins can be lots of fun. Jasta 5 flew a big sortie last weekend in the northern sector, and Tommy and the Crumpets scrambled from all directions. The result was quite a fight!


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