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Do they have a plan to add Western Front???

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7 hours ago, PeekaBooooO said:

Any chance to add Western Front in TC?

Well there is the Normandy map that is nearly here, and if it works like the other maps, you should be able to drive TC vehicles on it. Although this might also include a few invisible walls/trees for added amusement.

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TC still has a long way to go until it's a true tank sim, IMHO.


That said, if they were to do another TC game then it should remain EF focused as that's where all of the truly epic tank battles took place, even all the way up and to the end of the war. If they do indeed decide to do another Tank Crew game, and that's a big if as we have no idea as to how well it sold, then Operation Bagration would be the most obvious choice for a theater and timeline. 

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