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External Sounds: FW190A(x) stands a head above every other plane

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I started recording the ground attacks and oh boy oh boy..


FW190A's radials have such an awesome and powerful sound effect when listening to it from the ground. Particularly when the plane already zoomed by and is disappearing in to horizon. The clarity of the engine "beat" harmonics and the distinct sounds of the chopped air give out such an apocalyptic vibe it makes my hair stand. I can re-watch ground attacks and re-listen to this effect all day long. Coupled with thick engine smoke the overall scene carries a rather heavy dose of an impending doomed inevitability.


i16 comes in second. It sounds very much the same as fw190 when up close, but for some reason it doesn't have the lingering effect when extending away.

La5 being also radial for some reason sounds completely different and very light

P47  sounds cool when approaching but dies out quickly when extending


The work put in to FW190 to make it sound so menacing deserves an award!



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1 hour ago, [CPT]milopugdog said:

engines sounding like this


yup, it sounds awesome upclose and during the fly by.. but then it just fades away..


but 190fw keeps on delivering those chop chop chop chop chop sounds.. 😄

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