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Dear Devs,


my suggestion is simple: add the old career mode back! Not replacing the new one, but as a choice. I would be really nice to choose between the two. 

Surely it was "more acadey" but nonetheless sometimes more interesting/less boring.


Does anyone here remember it? You could simply pick any Plane and Mission type you wanted from an available Airfield. Faction depended on the Airfield you chose. 

And as you successfuly completed missions, combat theater progress went on through the stages we know today.

Pilot killed or captured?

Doesnt matter, the war goes on.


Your stats still counted, kinda like multiplayer, they were added and as you did more and more, awards were given to you.

It sounds similar to "quick mission", but there is still a difference.


Thats what I miss. The freedom of not being linked to a particular pilot or name (or plane).

Creating 5 different careers with 5 pilots just to fly the other planes someone wants, is not that great.


Please think about it



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14 hours ago, migmadmarine said:

Only thing I miss from it was the missions involving riverboats, hope we can get river traffic and things like ambient trains/truck columns in career eventually. 

Plus, what was implemented half a year or a year before the new career mode was released with BOK, attack assaulting enemy ground forces, where you attacked an enemy tank company, which was attacking your friendly positions.

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Would be good to. If I remember correctly, the old campaign mode just spat out the same mission of each type over and over, so it is a little understandable that the more complex career didn't come with all the same features, but I hope they will appear at some point. 

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