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I resently upgraded my system to:


Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Ultra LGA 1200

Intel Core i9-10900KF processor 3.7 GHz 

Cooler Master MasterLiquid

32GB DDR4 3600 MHz

Samsung ssd

Power supply 850w


My GPU is a gigabyte 1080 and I'm looking to upgrade it to finish my build. 

I was on a queue on Overclockers for a Palit 3080 but cancel it as Brexit fucked up things with delivery. 

The 3080s are now mostly priced at around €1100 to €1500 which is gone crazy expensive with the shortage and scraper and retailers bumping up the price. 

I see AMD 6900 xt at the same price and are available now and I'm wondering would it be a good move. 

Does anyone here have a 6900 running in there system and would you recommend it. 


By the way I use VR being a Rift S and will probably look at upgrading that in a year or so. I only fly Sims being IL-2 the main one. 


Thanks in advance. 

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If you were going to stick with a Rift S, a RTX 3070 card would be fine.


If you intend to upgrade your VR headset I would suggest either a RTX 3080 or RTX 3090

While there have been very few tests, using IL2 and AMD 6800/6900 graphics cards the results appear to lag behind the Nvidia cards at higher resolutions by quite a margin.


I had the same issue about inflated prices and scarcity for RTX 3080 GPU's when building my new PC.  RTX 3090's were, however, readily available (in Australia) and I was able to get a 10% discount on one, so went for a RTX 3090. 


This meant that I paid about 30% more than a RTX 3080 Scalpy price.  It should be noted that the RTX 3090 only has a approx 10% framerate improvement over RTX 3080 fps figures.


IL2 in certain scenario's (using a HP Reverb G2) will still exceed the ability of even an RTX 3090 and settings compromises will be required.

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As of the 1/24/21 driver and Il-2 updates the 6000 series GPUs are lagging behind the even 5000 series GPUs in Il-2,and are worse than a 10 series nVidia GPU. However they are comparable or better in FS2020 and DCS, so I suspect it is a software problem not a hardware problem.


However, as it is a software problem that seems to be specific to the way it interacts with the Il-2 engine, I expect it is going to be some time before we could expect a resolution on either the RDNA2 drivers or the Il-2 software. 


Given how few RDNA2 cards are out their right now, I'd expect it will be some time before anyone on the Il-2 dev team even has access to one. I'd guess about six months to a year before its been resolved, at which point we may be watching for the 4080 or 7900 XT. 


Basically, 3080 for Il-2, but watch for developments between now and when you can actually buy one. Personally, I'm looking for a 3080, and holding on to my 1080 Ti for the moment. 

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well, since 3080 prices are still high and there is almost no stock you could acquire a 6900XT but with a good return policy is you are not satisfy for whaever reason (no question asked). Normally you have 15 or 30 days to return.

So be the first one to test (SYN_Vander) that card with IL-2 in monitor and VR (the other two tests we have is with the 6800XT). And also test other flight sim or games.


In fact, this is exactly what I was going to do few weeks ago, but suddenly I had a very good opportunity to buy a 3080 in my own city.

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