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Skinning art resources

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Hi All,

I am just returning to IL2 after a nearly 20yr break since the original. I am just familiarising myself with gimp to do some basic skinning. Hopefully this is the appropriate place to ask these questions.

I am looking for some basic clipart/artwork resources to use in gimp, such as checkers, stripes, camoflauge etc without having to create it from scratch (I am only modifying simple non-historical skins). Or are generic digital images from the internet more widely used in this regard?

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I use :

Historical squadron web sites  usually have unit badges illustrated.

Modeling sites often have images of decal sheets.

Image search on Bing specifically for badge/crest 

You can go to other game sites such as  Mission4Today download skins for aircraft of interest and copy markings from skin.

For camouflage I edit  layers from templates , edit complete skins after converting dds to bmp then modifying in GIMP, or just start from scratch using  base color layer from template.

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