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Hi all! I've formed a new Squadron for the flying circus front.

Im on the fence about making historically accurate squadrons as ive not done it before, but also not one of us is as brave as the boys who actually did the flying, therefore it will be based on the Fictional 76 Squadron from the film Aces High (there was a real 76 sqn that was based in England for training) so wont be restrictive on what you fly, just make it RFC!

Here is the link https://discord.gg/rymZwDsK


Let me know what your interest or ideas may be for this!


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76 Squadron skin updates. All with the non historic theme from the Aces High Film of 1976 with personal attributes to the Se5 scout.




Se5a- Identity markings for the following with an option of PC10 and PC12


CfC=76Sqn-Father Ted



Bristol Fighter- Themed to the Avro 504K that was seen in Aces High 

Camel- Themed to the Sopwith Pup scheme with squadron markings

Dolphin- Includes Squadron markings 




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Good Evening all!
No. 76 'Aces High' Squadron is recruiting.
A non-historic Flying Circus Squadron that flies solely on the side of the Triple Entente. Based off of the film 'Aces High' we aim to take players, old and new, up into the sky and provide a somewhat more survivable experience and hope to avoid that deadly lone encounter with the hun!
PM me for more information!
'Keep them in your aldis sight!'





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