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8KX Firmware updated to give 60Hz mode

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Hi all,


I just flashed to the latest Pimax 8KX (not older 8K) firmware which enables a 60Hz option.



A quick test shows it runs very well in Il-2 BoX series and reduces the HW requirements to push maximum refresh without resorting to reprojection/smootinh techniques.  Worht downloading but please only flash the firmware at your own risk.

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Go on take the risk :)


Re-flashing can be done manually if it fails.  Honestly I have an RTX 3080 and running at 60Hz instead of trying to reach 75 made a big difference.  It is smoother and has reduced stutters because it maintains max FPS easier.  Though I am blessed that I can handle lower FPS so 60Hz still looks smooth.  Now before someone says once you try hi refresh you never go back, I have another PC with a 144Hz 1080p screen and I can see and feel the difference, it's just not a must have.

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I tried flashing from pitool twice it didn't apply successfuly, thankfully the HMD still functions.

I'll wait for a new update and able bodied guinnuea pigs before I commit to flashing the firmware again.


Curious to see if smart smoothing still has that wierd stutter effect for 60hz if not I can just crank everything to max and not care even when flying close to ground as my min frame rate is around 30fps.

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