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Appalling tank damage model.

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Not the first moan about the tank damage model. Hitting trees or invisable objects is now getting frustrating that i am starting to hate this game with a vengence. Now it seem that if you hit an invisable object all your crew will be wounded and one, or both of your tracks will be damaged. So you switch off and wait for the repair, even after that is done you will STILL be shown as destroyed, i dont get that.


What i do get is sick reading a lot of posts from others all complaining about the damage model and No interest being shown from devs on the subject. So.How about some comment on this, even if it is a " we are going to do nothing on about it " comment. Could the excessive damage model at least be toned down for minor tree or invisable object collisions?


I await with interest ... but not a lot of hope.





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