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TrackIR and Tank Crew

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Type of improvement: Control
Explanation of proposals: TrackIR (or any other headteracker) should no longer control the head movement of the tank commander as soon as the command menu is opened or the binoculars are equipped. The reason is: When in the tank commanders position, TrackIR is very useful to have a good overview over the area around the tank. This feels highly immersive. It is also very vonvenient if the hatches are closed and the tank commander looks around through the viewports in the commander's cupola of German tanks. However, as soon as the command menu is opened, the little tageting circle is automatically controlled by head movement. This is extremely inconvenient. It is nearly impossible to assign a target to the gunner when the targeting circle is controlled by head movement through TrackIR. Hence, the targeting circle of the command menu should always be controlled by mouse movement, even if a headtracker is enabled (in other words, the targeting circle should be disconnected from headtracking software). This also applies to the commanders binoculars, although to a lesser extent.
Benefits: It highly improves playbility of the tank commanders position. It is very inconvenient having to switch the headtracker on and off in the commanders position.

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