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A late war (44-45) Eastern front setting

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11 hours ago, DD_Arthur said:


There certainly was a battle of Berlin  but there certainly wasn't an air battle for Berlin in any meaningful sense.  Are the devs really going to model a city the size of Berlin for a non-existent battle?


War in Europe did not 'actually almost' occur between 1950-1955. Quite the reverse in fact. The Korean war came as a surprise to the Soviets and the death of Stalin in '53 meant all foreign policy decisions were put on hold until a new leadership established itself.


I see your point... but, well -The same could be said of Normandy... the allies were flying about fifty sorties for each German sortie and the Germans could only really effectively bomb at night. The Luftwaffe was still present, just in small numbers. Similarly, the Luftwaffe as active during the fight to Berlin. As late as April 1945 the Luftwaffe was still active  achieving ~1300 sorties per day (200 to the West and 1100 to the East).


So my point is this: If you want an air battle in a 'meaningful sense' it is best to stick to 1943 or earlier... by mid 1944 it is largely over.


As for the risk of combat during the Korean war:

- There were aggressive air patrols/mock intercepts which saw both sides 'playing chicken' with each other's airspace.

- The Korean war could have seen the deployment of nuclear weapons for tactical purposes.

- The Western Allies could have concluded that war was inevitable and launched an attack.


Did that happen? No. Thankfully.

Did some NATO commanders advocate for it? Yes.

Could a war have accidentally happened? Possibly.


If you can reassure me that there was no chance of the Korean war escalating to a war in Europe... it would be comforting.

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I'd love to see something for 44/45 eastern front. If they could pull off a battle of Seelowe-heights into berlin, that would be great. Some portion of Operation Bagration would be good as well, with the Kurland Pocket being a good 45 alternate to Berlin.


Finally, for earlier in the war/fleshing out soviet aircraft I'd love to see a pack of aircraft or string of collector aircraft to compliment the Finnish community map when that comes out. Could see of course the finnish-used types, P-36, Brewster Buffalo, MS-406/Mörkö-Morane, Macchi Mc.200, Do.17 or a Blenheim could be good for a bomber, then some russian types, so I-153 (would be useful for the Finns as well), another Lagg variant, perhaps an alternate P-40 or I-16, and the SB-2 as a bomber. 

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