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JoystickCurves app discontinued? Alternatives?

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I use the utility JoystickCuves by xedoproject.com to map to a virtual joystick the thumb stick of my x56 throttle to be both a view axis and a handbrake.  I tell the utility to ignore half the axis so that the center position is read as the starting or end point and the other half of the axis is ignored.  


Apparently, the program requires connection to www.xedocproject.com to work but if you go there you get an "account has been suspended" error message, and the program will not run or install.  Does anybody else use this program and know of the situation or how to contact the developer to fix the problem?


Is there another joystick mapping program that can do the same thing?  (I vaguely remember that Joystick Gremlin was less powerful in its axis mapping functionality.)


Edit:  Joystick Gremlin can also achieve the same functionality but I'm not sure it has a noise filter like PowerCurves did.

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