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Suggestion regarding weather system / visibility etc.

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After lengthy comparison of the various settings of "horizon draw distance" in the main graphic section of the game, it seems to me that the draw distance has a profound effect on the whole appearance of the weather . . . even more than changes in the weather settings inside the maps. If you compare horizon draw distance 40 km to 150 km the difference is quite obvious. (And impressive)


But, as I said, in order to change draw distance I have to go all the way back into the main graphics settings and then, after changing it I have to restart the whole game.


Is it possible to move or link the horizon draw distance setting to the weather settings in the maps, so that one doesn't have to restart the whole game? In this way one could use the various draw distance settings to combine and enhance the settings for time of day, haze etc.


Greetings     the Little Guardian


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