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Customer service response time?

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I've submitted several tickets for various issues over the past few monthes about not being able to play multiplayer due to invisible planes, Ive not heard back about this or any other issue except to inform me I could try other servers if I purchased more battles. Well I purchased more battles, submitted more tickets, and still cant play the game. How am I supposed to get tech support for these issues when they just get merged into other threads that are only partially related to my issue. So far Im having serious buyers remorse after purchasing everything but tank crew thinking I would eventually get multiplayer working. Is there anything I can do to get help getting my game working in multiplayer? I don't know what to do besides refund and move on but since this doesnt seem to be a constant problem for anyone else i feel like it could be solved if someone took the time do help me figure it out.

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The last I read, the invisible planes thing is still as much of a mystery to the devs as to us. It doesn't stop MP from working though, just makes it a bit of a crap-shoot. I've never encountered it myself however. Just go play, I think it's been made more of a problem that it actually is (until your 80-kill ace gets shot down by a cloaked killer 🤭 ).

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The Invisible Planes bug that exists now is the one where all planes except yours are invisible. Previously, there was a bug where individual planes would be invisible until opening fire.

I've only ever had the invisible plane bug once, on Finnish Virtual Pilots, although apparently some people get it elsewhere.


The reason customer support hasn't done anything for you is it's not a problem with your install or anything, so they can't troubleshoot it. It's either a problem with the netcode, or a problem with certain server configurations. Nothing that can be done for the end user.

The only thing I can suggest is that when it happens to you, submit when it happened, on what server, and a track file if you have one. If this is happening to you almost all the time, then the one up side to that is you can possibly gather a lot of evidence for the devs to analyze and try to fix the bug. Because it occurs inconsistently it's difficult to squash.

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