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This is an Albatros D3 (Johannisthal built) flown by Heinrich Gontermann (that's him with the cane) at Jasta 15 @ Spring 1917. The colour retouching is highly speculative. Who knows but I think it's pretty unlikely. There doesn't seem to be a box around the Maltese cross on the lower wing on the original photo. The undersides of the wings would almost certainly be pale blue and the struts and nose likely pale green/grey. The fuselage appears to be a close match for the metal colour so pale green also?  There's probably a matching number on the underside of the lower wing (you can see it just behind Gontermann) and the numbers are probably black. There doesn't appear to be any kind of trim around the numbers either.


I've made an approximation of this crate for ROF,  but since FC doesn't have the Albatros D3 (in fact ROF doesn't have the Johannisthal built D3 either, incredibly) so recreating it seems pretty unlikely at the moment.






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