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So about the scout experimental, and some other questions.

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Hello chaps, been a while since I've been in this neck of the woods. I notice that with the current sale on, that FC1 is a more realistic price (especially with the current sillyness ongoing) but having been burned by RoF I still have a few reservations.


Mainly is the Scout Experimental 5 a finally fixed and now an ace maker, or is she still the gutless boom and run away widow maker of RoF?


Also the central inline scouts - can they now actually be spun when pushed beyond the limits, or are they still the spin proof wonders on training wheels like they where in RoF?


Did they ever address the DM - the number of structual faliures from a handful of bullets was incredibly poor and quite the immersion killer.


And finally - SP content. Is there much to do for a primarily SP oriented player such as myself, and do we still have PWCG to fill the gaps?


Righto chocks away what...

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You’re not wrong, but that isn’t to say that the billy goats gruff should be entirely unconcerned as to your character.

2 hours ago, US213_Talbot said:


......it would be far more effective if it was a Paddington hard stare, with the consolation that if that didn’t work you could always feed and bring him around with  marmajam butties.

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I find the S.E.5a is a real good plane. It is the fastest plane in game. It can turn into anything as long as it has speed and it has a nice roll rate. It climbs and dives good and it has a tiltable Lewis gun and you can trim it in flight. The only downside is it's sustained turn radius and the airframe. It is not that durable as you would think it is.


About Central scouts and spin. It is basically the same as in RoF....


The DM is what it is. For singleplayer, there are a number of scripted campaigns and of course PWCG. There is also a mission generator by SYN_Vander.

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