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Just installed Steam Stalingrad and IL2 Normandy - HELP - is this normal???

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Haha FlyinPinkPanther - glad you showed the missus the rig!!  Actually she loves it when I'm in that because she knows exactly where I am and she enjoys watching her TV shows etc!  Good point re: the early access stuff, I think it's rather unclear how little of the game is actually finished which can lead to disappointment. 


Algy - glad you like the simpit.  I haven't got the Thrustmaster TPR's yet, in fact I'm waiting for the store to invoice me before shipping as they were supposed to ship out today but he's gone radio silent!  I'm currently using a pair of gameport Thrustmaster Elite pedals which are OK but not a patch on other options out there nowadays.  They're mostly plastic and have a strong center detent which doesn't feel quite right and prevents fine control.  They also lack toebrakes as did all pedals back then!  They have however served me well and as the oldest part of my sim rig (1996!!) I'm rather fond of them!


Will send you details of the card via PM





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