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In my IL-2 folder, i have a updates folder that is 22.5 GB in size, can this be deleted ok ? or....

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I tried it once and things did not go well.  When I restarted the loading screen resynced my files which took a while.  After that all of my custom views were gone and I had to be reset for them each plane.  Even when I restored the original files from the recycle bin the custom views were still gone.  It is interesting that my updates folder is only about 4.5 GB and after I deleted it and the files were synced it was much smaller (less then a GB).  So perhaps some parts of this folder can be safely deleted.  Maybe someone with more knowledge about this will comment.

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6 hours ago, Daytrader said:

Thx for reply, yeh 22.5GB seems big for me, especially as i only have BOS, no other dlc.


Yeah except the way it works is you get everything but you can only use what you've bought.

DLC isn't really the right way to describe it, it's more "Accessible Content". 


And before you ask:

-no you can't change it


-they're a small developer and for them to change it it would extremely difficult and costly.


The trick is just to get more of that content to make it worth while and support the devs because the sim is so great! 😉😁👍

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1 hour ago, Daytrader said:

Yeh, sim is great, i was only wondering about the updates folder really, i will just keep it then, thx for all reply's, keep safe people.


Well, when folks have issues with new updates (getting funky error messages after clicking on the page with your email and password), the first suggestion is to copy/rename the updates folder and start the launcher again. You get a brand new slim and trim updates folder (like mine). Then if you're happy with the results you can delete the old bloated folder. I've done this more than once in the past 6 years.

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2 hours ago, kestrel79 said:

Wow my DCS folder is huge too. Any way to make that smaller? Or is that all really game files? Think I have like 170GB.


You can check and purge _downloads and _backup folders if they exist, but with a barebones DCS (only free content) being 60+ GB and full-content DCS being 250+, your 170 sounds plausible.

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