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On the internet everyone seems to be saying the same thing:

Basically this is the manufacturer / factory code, this block was made by "Sicherheitglas G.m.b.H." from Kunzendorf

(In Poland apparently)


But I don't know why we use these 3 letters (since they do not appear in the name of the manufacturer or the place of manufacture). But maybe we have to look at the administrative side to get an explanation.



All German vision blocks would also have a marking to determine the manufacturer and model. Most commonly marked with WaA152 and a 3 letter code (hej as an example) this will tell you that the block was made by "Sicherheitglas G.m.b.H." from Kunzendorf


All I know is that the code "hej" is for Sicherheitglas G.m.b.H. of Kunzendorf.

I guess their company name is self explanatory of what they did for a business.


The glass is marked with a 'WaA152' marking and a 3-letter code 'hej' but it has almost worn. It means it was produced by Sicherheitglas G.m.b.H. from Kunzendorf


The piece has a manufacturer's mark: hej = Kunzendorf N.L. Sorau District


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