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Rudder pedals recommendations

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13 hours ago, Voyager said:

I also used CH Pro Pedals for a long time, and they were quite capable, but I can't seem to find them actually for sale at the moment. 



MYPilot store have them - $30 more cheap than Saitek PRO.


Another advantage of CH Pro - besides durability,  in sub $200 tie, see how easy is replace potentiometer, or fix an eventually pinched wire. Try this with Saitek... if are able do buy the replacement poteniometer.



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On 12/28/2020 at 10:12 AM, cardboard_killer said:


I hesitated to recommend them as they are pricey, but I have them and they are really nice.

Same here.  MFG are pricey but I try to fly at least once a day, so for me well worth it.

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