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Guide: Thrustmaster T.16000M + TWCS Throttle "No TrackIR or VR" HOTAS setup


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I've seen a lot of people ask about setting up the Thrustmaster T.16000M + TWCS Throttle for IL-2.  I'm guessing quite a few of them don't have TrackIR or VR, either.  Over the last few months I've been working on a "No TrackIR" control setup and I thought I'd share what I have so others can build off of it.


Because I don't have TrackIR or VR this control scheme emphasizes situational awareness with HOTAS.  I can hit buttons for "Check seven", "Check five", "Glance Up", "Look forward", in very quick succession to get a good look around.  It also supports mouselook and zoom using the TWCS Throttle mini-stick and paddle so I can do precision view work.


This setup is for the Il-2 mod. 1941.  I find it works as a base for most planes.  This setup works almost exactly the same with the Yak and U-2VS.  Late-war US planes like the P-47 with K-14 gunsight take a bunch of creative work with Joystick Gremlin temporary mode switches and such.  I left a few blank keys in this layout for those setups.


This setup has been created for game version 4.504.


What you will need:


Joystick Gremlin

I prefer Joystick Gremlin for controlling the game.  It allows more buttons (64) than the Thrustmaster TARGET software, has more axes, and supports macros.  If I upgrade my hardware from Thrustmaster branded stuff I won't have to switch control software.  And it's FOSS, so I can hack on it if I need to.


Camera setup:





Camera notes:


The key settings here are "Gradual quick view" and the high camera speeds.  This lets you use the joystick hat and Joystick Gremlin macros to move the camera quickly through the snap views and to hold a view direction without holding the hat.



Joystick setup for the IL-2:


The attached Joystick Gremlin profile will give you the following control setup:



Joystick setup:


You will have to map some of the buttons on the joystick to buttons in the game.

Map the following buttons while Joystick Gremlin is Active (The gamepad icon in the Joystick Gremlin toolbar should be GREEN).


Joystick Button/Axis to Game Command:


  • Fire cannon => Fire weapon group 2
  • Fire all guns => Fire all OR Fire weapon group 1 (for machine guns only)
  • Look Forward => Pilot head: reset zoom AND Pilot head: snap position center
  • Pilot head move left => same name
  • Canopy open/close => same name
  • Pilot head move right => same name
  • Move pilot head up => same name
  • Gear up/down => same name
  • Tail wheel lock/unlock => same name
  • Toggle autopilot => Autopilot for level flight on/off
  • Rockets launch mode => same name
  • Bombs drop mode => same name
  • Propeller RPM control => Propeller RPM control axis


Throttle Button/Axis to Game Command:


  • Mixture => Engine mixture control
  • Oil Rad open => Oil radiators control axis
  • Oil Rad close => Oil radiators control axis
  • Water Rad open => Water radiators control axis
  • Water Rad close => Water radiators control axis


NOTE: The above lists may be incomplete. It's been months since I set up the default game controls and I don't remember exactly what I changed. :)


TIP: Some of the buttons are simulated keypresses, like "F" for lowering the flaps.  However, other keys are mapped to virtual vJoy device buttons, like buttons 60 and 61 for "Bomb release mode" and "Rockets release mode".  That is because Joystick Gremlin does not perfectly simulate keypresses with modifiers: sometimes you will get a "B" instead of "Ctrl-B".  If you are simulating a shortcut that's something like "Win-B", use a virtual joystick button.  Simulating a Win-B keypress with Joystick Gremlin will lead to a bunch of pain.


Joystick usage notes:


The mini-stick and paddle on the throttle are used for looking at long-range or tiny objects.  Use the hat to pick part of the sky that has the object; Use the ministick to place the point of interest in the middle of the screen (the camera moves faster if you are zoomed out);  Use the paddle to Zoom In; When you are done either hit "Look forward" or use the paddle to Zoom Out again.


Use the "Pilot head up" button to look over the nose in flight or while taxiing.  Open the canopy for even more height.  Use the mini-stick and paddle to scan the horizon ahead for long-range landmarks, targets, and threats.


In planes where your six is blocked by a seat or armor use the "Check five" and "Check seven" camera views to get a good look around.


Use the "Check panel" button to get a quick look at the cockpit instruments, especially the temperature and fuel gauges, during an intense fight.  You can also use Zoom Out and the mini-stick to look slightly down in calmer moments, like climbing after takeoff.



Custom snap-views setup:




Use the F10 key to save custom snap views for each view direction.  I prefer to zoom the default view out so that I can go from snap view to snap view with a small overlap in the sky edges when I do so.  This way if I am tracking a plane in battle and it moves to the edge of the screen I can follow it with a tap of the Hat switch.




  1. Quick Mission
  2. Choose Heavy Weather (so you have lots of distinct clouds as visual reference points)
  3. Glance (Left, Right, Up, etc.)
  4. Zoom Out all the way
  5. F10
  6. Glance (Left, Right, Up, etc.)
  7. Zoom Out all the way
  8. F10
  9. Repeat


TIP: Use the PageUp/PageDown/Insert/Home/End/Delete keys to move your pilot head forward and left/right in the cockpit to get an extra good look backwards in the rear views, an extra good look over the wing for the forward down and backward down views, or to look around canopy spars.


TIP: I prefer to set the forward view so I can see the six primary flight instruments, accessed by the "Look Forward" button.  From there I can hit the "Glance instruments" button or the mini-stick to look down, or I can use Zoom In on the paddle to look through the gunsight for precision.


Here are my default views in the Il-2:







Bonus config for the Spitfire:



Here is an additional control setup I created for the Spitfire.


A key difference between the Spitfire and the Il-2's controls is the Spitfire's lack of complex engine management.  Instead the Spitfire requires precise trim control, a complex gunsight, and three tiers of engine boost.


In this setup the engine mixture dial is swapped out for the K14 gyro gunsight range dial.  I also swapped the Boost and Supercharger buttons for Trim Left/Right.


The Spitfire has only a few minutes of WEP and you will spend far more time in cruise or climb engine settings.  To make RPM control easier I swapped the oil rad controls for a WEP RPM limit control and made the RPM slider in my config produce max 2800 RPM by default (that's 85% of the slider's possible range).  That allows me to set cruise and climb RPM using the joystick slider but will not activate the full 3000 RPM that WEP allows you.  By hitting the WEP limit toggle button on the throttle the RPM slider on the joystick will allow 3000 RPM (100% range).  Hit the WEP limit button again to limit the slider to 85%/2800 RPM and return to climb/combat settings.




Happy hunting!




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added spitfire config
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