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[FC] 3rd P.G. USAS / Lafayette Escadrille

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Hello, IL2: FC pilots!  Following the recent announcement of Flying Circus Vol. 2, the 3rd Pursuit Group USAS is currently looking for new pilots of all time-zones and skill levels to join our active flight roster! 

About us:

We are a historically-minded WW1 unit, currently representing the 3rd Pursuit Group USAS - a group of four American Pursuit Squadrons which fought in the Battle of St. Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. We hold regular weekly Squadron Nights on Thursday, as well as a weekly training day on Mondays. Like our historical namesake, we fly only SPAD XIIIs during Squadron Nights, but our members are welcome to fly any other aircraft "Off-hours". 

Back in Rise of Flight, we also represented the famous Lafayette Escadrille - the American Volunteer Squadron in French Service - which is the predecessor to the 103rd Aero Squadron USAS, the first of our represented units. With the imminent release of Flying Circus Volume 2, we will once again be representing the Lafayettes! 

We happily accept pilots of all skill levels and timezones. At the moment, the bulk of our unit is US based, but we also have an EU contingent which we are seeking to expand as quickly as possible.


Our Units: 



Formed in December 2020, The virtual 28th Aero Squadron USAS is the newest addition to the 3rd Pursuit Group, and has already started scoring victories over the front! Like our virtual unit, the historical 28th Aero Squadron was the fourth and final unit to be assigned to the 3rd P.G.

The virtual 28th Aero Squadron is currently assigned as an EU / US based unit


Formed in November 2019, the virtual 93rd Aero Squadron USAS has already participated in several of Flying Circus' top community events, and is the second Squadron to have joined the virtual 3rd Pursuit Group. The 93rd currently has active members in both EU and US timezones, and participates in all major weekly FC events. 

The virtual 93rd Aero Squadron is currently assigned as an EU / US based unit.



Bearing the iconic 'Sioux Indian' insignia, the 103rd was our original unit that would eventually evolve into the virtual 3rd Pursuit Group USAS.

The 103rd Aero Squadron is the oldest and most distinguished of our virtual Squadrons, being formed in November 2016 in Rise of Flight. Historically, the 103rd was formed from the American pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille following the U.S' entry into World War 1, making it the first active American frontline Fighter Squadron in history. The 103rd also historically formed the backbone of the U.S. Air Service in WW1, providing the majority of Group and Squadron commanders as new units were activated.

The virtual 103rd has pilots that actively fly on both EU and US timezones, and as they did in Rise of Flight, they will again represent the Lafayette Escadrille in 1917 scenarios following the release of Flying Circus: Volume 2. All of our unit's pilots will also represent the 103rd for early 1918 scenarios, prior to the arrival of the other American Squadrons. 

The virtual 103rd Aero Squadron is currently assigned as a US based unit.

Formed alongside the virtual 93rd in November 2019, the virtual 213th Aero Squadron USAS has also participated in several of Flying Circus' major community events, and is typically active during US based weekly events, and also participates in EU-based events. 

The virtual 213th Aero Squadron is currently assigned as a US based unit. 


Squadron Markings:





The Recruitment Process:

Upon applying to join the virtual 3rd Pursuit Group, you will initially be assigned to the "3rd Aviation Instructional Centre" at the rank of Corporal and asked to pick a historical namesake (all our virtual pilots are named for historical USAS or Lafayette pilots). There you will undergo your basic training on flying and fighting in the SPAD XIII, as well as learning to fly using the Group's teamwork and tactics. Our training program is tailor-made from past experiences in Rise of Flight and Flying Circus to turn even the most rookie recruit into a lethally efficient SPAD pilot - but more experienced applicants will be fast-tracked through the course based on their current skills!

Once you have passed the basic training course, you will be 'awarded your wings'  and immediately assigned to one of our four Squadrons. For EU applicants, this is most likely to be either the 28th or 93rd. You will then be assigned your SPAD XIII aircraft skin by your new C.O., and after flying with the Group for a sufficient amount of time you will also be able to put in a request to personally paint your Lafayette Escadrille SPAD VII*! 

*Our personal skins follow a set of guidelines in order to maintain a plausible historical aesthetic. 


Squadron Nights:

Squadron Night is our own 'Game within the Game', where we fly with a "Survival First" attitude. The Group has a pilot scoreboard which tracks all air victories and Virtual Lives during Squadron Nights, and its own in-house Claiming system. At the end of the night each pilot will put in their own claims, as well as any 'Kills' they witnessed from their squadron mates, which will then be processed by Headquarters and awarded (or denied!) based on the other pilot's reports.

Our awards system within the 3rd P.G. is based on pilots' Squadron Nights scores. 




Recruitment Form







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