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Spitfire Mk.IX Dogfight Practice Checking out the Updated Sounds

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Just having some fun, recorded at 100% then switched to 80% ingame volume. In cockpit canopy closed, shot up, and open. Lots of up close dog fighting with enemy flying over canopy. 

Sorry, may cause motion sickness. 🙂





THIS VIDEO HAS THE WRONG SOUND SETTINGS - Used windows spatial sound for headphones when it was recorded messing up the sound. 



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Thank you!

I went in and looked at the sound and the headphones were set to some sonic for windows headphones. Normally I record in normal speaker mode. Not sure when the headphone setting was turned on, that sucked. 


I'm uploading a new video now. I can leave the old one on for comparison so folks can see what a missed setting can do. 🙂 

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