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Il-2 Skins to COD

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May have seen this before ,but I see that 109F skins in Great Battles can be used in COD as Emil skin with some editing.

Made this from GB F-2Early  generic skin.

Converted dds file to jpg file and edited in Gimp.


Takes some editing to get it right. Especially around nose and wing tips. Still don't know what part of skin relates to those bumps on top of cowling.



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Beautiful skin!!


I also made a skin for Emil, originally from a G6.


For this part, you'll have to erase the original F2 air intake... What I did? In the skin, I copied the right side to the left side...

image.png.9e3af66bd2c079fd0afdf4e93324451c.png               image.png.665da40ca69b6749f64e2b6a1c5848ed.png




Those bumps over the nose, after the machine guns, are here:





This is the final result:

Stigler Emil.jpeg

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The skins for the Fseries from GBBoX can be used1 There is a glitch however in the spinner,even if it is all black.Perhaps some bright lad will figure it out, but for now here's an example:







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