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This is the game where my new Ryzen 5900X made most difference...

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Love this game and when I replaced my old Intel 4790k that have lived on way too long, I hoped to see some improvements. I normally buy new hardware rather often but after the 4790k Intel got stuck on their xxx-Lake 14 nm process and I just waited for some significant leap. Got myself an RTX 2080 on release that prolonged the old CPU for two more years. Was very close to getting a Zen 2 but realized that the Zen 3 is when AMD will get the crown, robe and spire. And so it is.


But I did not have too much hope for IL2 BoX as VR feels rather GPU limited... But as it is a complex simulation I hoped for quite some improvement anyway.


So I booted up with my new rig (with the old 2080 GPU) on my old VR "high" settings. I normally can get to 90 FPS in calm air high above forests - but with other aircraft around of down low it goes down to 50-60 or locks down to reprojection with 45 FPS.


So, with my index set to 90 FPS I got 90 FPS in IL2 - All the time. Burning aircraft down low, whatever I did I was at 90. Went to Ultra - still at 90 FPS. Only adding clouds could bring my rig to dropping 90 FPS. The ultra clouds still brings it to it's knees...


So - for anyone out there sticking to an old 4-core / 8-thread i7, the benefit of going to a Ryzen 5900 is much greater than I had anticipated. In fact - IL2 is the game where I saw the biggest improvement. Another modern combat flight simulator did not get the same improvement and I had anticipated that to improve more. And in shooters etc. the old Intel with an RTX 2080 was enough.



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I just had a similar experience.  I labored off and on for years trying to get my 6700k + 1070 ti + 24 GB system to play nice with a CV1 + Il-2.  It could barely do it, no matter the overclocking, no matter how low the settings got.  There was much ghosting and frustration.


A few days ago I tried to replace the 1070 ti with a 3060 ti.  The old Dell machine wasn’t having it.  Itwouldn’t install the drivers.  So I bought a nice new Powerspec b744 with a 9700k and doubled its stock RAM to 32 GB (3200).  It was beautiful - until the new card bricked.  Bummed, I took the card back last night and refunded it.  They had another 3060 ti I could have gotten, but I decided to just run the old 1070 ti in the new machine to see what happened.  More of a science experiment than anything.  I was just curious.


Well, the old 1070 ti runs IL2 VR just fine on the new system.  Wonderfully, in fact.  The colors in VR are not as vivid as the 3060 ti, but the performance is still very good.  Very little ghosting - just like with the 3060 ti.


The upgraded RAM, motherboard, SSD and processor just made a massive difference.  I’m thrilled, and I saved $500 on the card return.  Not that I won’t get another one later, I probably will because I liked the vivid colors.  But on a Rift CV1 the 1070 ti + a fast system works great.

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Another note...


As IL2 is supposed to be rather single threaded the big leap in performance was actually surprising even though the Zen 3 is a great single core performer as well. More expected that a famous civilian sim released recently also benefitted a lot from the new CPU as it is rather well threaded with a more modern code architecture. I still think a lot of the optimizations by the dev team lately has paid off - and more so for new CPUs? I have good hope for future updates where IL2 becomes more capable of using the abundance of cores in the modern CPUs... But that is complex coding and takes a lot of rewriting. Old programmer myself that have done heavily multithreaded C++ applications since 1998 - they where around back then as well for server side components :) Many late nights debugging weird race conditions and unexpected thread stalls...


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