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2 semi-historical Me109 K4 skins of JG77.

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After looking at many Artist profiles and what original photos I could find of actual JG77 109 K4's I settled for trying to create some skins that fitted with the impressions I was left with. They are therefore semi-historical but based on what is available of the period.
















If anyone has original photos or artwork I would be interested but so far I have trawled through all those that Google image search has revealed. I think there maybe many more in Pinterest though that I haven't found.

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20 hours ago, JG_deserteagle540 said:

Hi SR603-Flowbee 


May I make a request?

How about applying your skills on a Fw190D9?




I had a few attempts at this one with little to go on but settled on this one. Hope you like it. Now it's off to wrap presents. Have a Good One! :popcorm:







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Amazing! Another great skin! Thanks a lot for your work.


There is only one little detail:

I guess this Fw190 Dora was captured by the allies and taken away for evaluation. Therefore the sign FE 121 was painted on it. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

Would it be possible to remove the "FE 121" sign please?



Anyway, a merry Christmas to all of you!

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I found out a little more about this aircraft including another photo. It shows that the squiggles extended over the canopy slider assembly. The aircraft was part of a batch of captured JG26 planes taken to Freeman Field, Indiana for evaluation. There it was written off in a landing accident when the left strut collapsed. No mean feat considering that German pilots would throw it onto the runway at around 250-300 km/h with no worries. The number on this aircraft was not disclosed although others in the batch are listed. It is shown here as it might have looked prior to capture.







Also for completeness here is the photo one just without FE-121 marking.



Breaks over, back to making merry.. :drinks:

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