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Problems with Virpil Hardware Binding

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I am having problems with my T-50 throttle and my alpha, I bind say water radiator open and close with two different buttons or switches. When I try them in game they do not open or close the radiator. Yes I do set manual mode for the radiators where applicable. It is as if there is not bind for that button in Key mapping. I have no problem with axis binds just the buttons and switches. I previously had a Thrustmaster Warthog before the current hardware. I didn't have any of the problems I'm having now. Can anyone help?

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Check that the plane you are in uses those controls.  For example some aircraft use cowl flaps instead of water radiator.


You can also check that the button/switch you are trying to use does something - map it to a control that you can check, for example raise/lower undercarriage.  Don't forget to swap it back though...


von Tom

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