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old games still worth playing

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Define "old".

I am assuming 10 years or more.


First Eagles 2 (with mods)

Strike Fighters 2 series (with mods)

IL2 1946 (with Bat)

Steel Fury Karkov 1942 (with mods)

Star Fleet Command Series (with mods - prefer SFC2 OP)

Codename Panzers Phase 2

Medieval Total War 2

Freedom Force vs the Third Reich (some great mods as well)

Madden '04 (best of the series overall)

Baldur's Gate 1 & 2,  Planescape Torment

SW: Knights of the Old Republic

Monkey Island (s)

Batman: Arkham Asylum + Mass Effect 2 (just makes it by 10 year date, lol)


--these are all the old ones I have installed currently in some way shape or form.


And yes! Crimson Skies is great!

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Halo, Deus ex and Thief as far as first person shooters go that I liked and could most likely enjoy again, the old 1946 modded for sheer variety as far as aviation goes.:drink2:


I have played many things over time but the above stand out, I dislike strategy games and tend to stick with the GB series nowadays as far as newer aviation related goes, most first person stuff gets a bit mad around the edges, too fast for me to keep up with, my reflexes are too tired now, the arms and neck a mess, so any time playing anything is limited.;)


I view from afar most of the new stuff, it all looks good, but that is all I do now, take a look.:cray:


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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Definitely agree on H&D2! That game and the Sabre Squadron is a classic and perfect example on a great tactical shooter. 


For a few other "old" games:


IL-2 1946


Age of Empires III

Falcon BMS





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Aces of the Deep (ok, that's really old but unbeatable so far regarding the dynamic campaign, the AI behavior of the escorts during attacks, convoy operations etc.)


just got it running under Win10 recently... :good:



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Difficult to know what other people find playable and entertaining of the old school games today, so here are mine ten picks.


Phantasy star.                           The original rpg i played for years before i was able to beat. Also forced me to learn the english language.

Out run.                                      : The music is still impressive by today`s standard. Got broke fast when i played it in the arcade halls.

Blazing skies.                            : Or Wings 2 aces high as it was also known. Introduced me to WW1 combat flight simulator.

Zelda A link to the past.           : I still think it is the best Zelda game, although i`m most likely a minority.

Zelda Ocarina of time              : I was supposed to save the prinsess in a grand adventure, and ended up fishing in a pond until daylight. Talk about prioritizing.

Goldeneye.                                 : First person shooter. Played it plenty when i was in the army.

X-com Enemy unknown           : Very good strategy game. Scary and unpredictable.

Populous The beginning          : Rarely has it been that satisfying to be Shaman/Goddess. Bees, thunder, hurrycanes, volcanos. Good times.

Shadow of the colossus          : First time you meet a colossus. Epic.

Grand theft auto San Andreas: Nuff said.

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I just noticed I'm old when I looked at medieval 2 in the "old game category" and was all like...🤔
I know it's old. I just haven't really realized it


Total war: Rome is a bit older, but I prefer it.


N64 Goldeneye, and specialy Perfect Dark are 2 games I would regularly  play even today if my N64 was still working...

Red Baron II  was an amazing game, but proabably too outdated to play nowadays.

On the other hand Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 are strategic (tactics) games that because of it's art style/graphics I can play easily even today.

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currently im trying the first mafia, its from the 2000 and it was the last open world game that incorporated wheel support


i would enjoy gta if it incorporated wheel support but as is ported from playstation is a pos

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On 12/14/2020 at 3:04 AM, Trooper117 said:

Hidden and Dangerous 2 plus H&D2 Sabre Squadron... and not leaving out Rainbow Six Athena Sword, Raven Shield and Rogue Spear.


I miss the original Rainbow Six games.

I looked into that tactical game that’s in development (forget the title) but it looks too dark for my tastes.

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On 12/14/2020 at 4:40 PM, Pinball said:

X-com Enemy unknown


I would have been very sad if nobody mentioned this.


My own contribution: The first Combat Mission titles: beyond overlord, barbarossa and afrika corps.


Also.... would it be weird Iif I said no big-gun naval sim ever bested "fighting steel"? If someone knows anything that comes close, please tell me.

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11 hours ago, Gambit21 said:


I miss the original Rainbow Six games.

I looked into that tactical game that’s in development (forget the title) but it looks too dark for my tastes.

Could be Ready or Not

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Don't know if anyone knows it but Syndicate from Bullfrog Simulations, released for Amiga and PC back around 1993 - I used to play the heck out of it on the Amiga when I wasn't dogfighting over a 1200 baud modem connection with Fighter Duel Pro.   EA just re-released it to run under some kind of VM thing for $5 or so, and I've been enjoying it again lately when I'm not in IL-2 BoX.    Funny how some things come around. 




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