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SEOW on Cliffs Of Dover Blitz/Desert Wing Tobruk

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We need so badly such a SEOW campaign.

I can remember the 1946 HSFX SEOW campaigns. I love the concept of having mission briefings (specially in the IL-2 Tobruk game with its very old UI and outdated overlay from CloD) where every squadron/wing than has a certain task.


Personally I am interested in Tobruk more than the Channel, but will fly very likely everywhere ;)

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12 hours ago, =VARP=Thor_ said:

Hey guys,

I've heard i need to come here to ask for help, so here  i am🙂

Please see your messages for my reply.  👍

On 12/13/2020 at 2:15 PM, DD_Arthur said:

Isn’t The Wrecking Crews campaign an adaptation of Reddog’s SEOW?

Reddog did not create the SCORCHED EARTH ONLINE WAR... it was created many years ago for IL-2 by fourshades and others where it was very popular with enthusiasts for the original game.  My own online Squadron assisted with the development, including our C/O RAF74_Taipan and to a limited extent, myself.  In my opinion, SEOW was the best online campaign system ever created for IL-2, with options for both side commanders to program very detailed missions without the other knowing what their opposition was doing.  The program created online missions with the planning for flights of AI aircraft, vehicle movement and ships in the hands of the commanders.  Missions were persistent with the battlefield results carrying on to the next mission... with losses, positioning of ground vehicles, ships and aircraft basing being where the commanders and the mission results left them.  The option for base changes, reinforcement units arriving, etc. was programmed in to the system.






Because the CLIFFS OF DOVER game engine has many elements carried over from IL-2, the potential for the SEOW program to be adapted is excellent.


TF originally approached 4Shades re. adapting SEOW to CLIFFS OF DOVER back in 2013 when we first started TF.  But he said at that time he didn't have the time to do the adaption.  (I believe he was retired and had limited time)  It looks like Thor and VARP have picked up the torch and TF would be happy to assist them.



Reddog created the completely different STORM OF WAR.  (with assistance from others in his Squadron)


TWC's campaign for BLITZ and TOBRUK is their own, the programming was done by their Squad members AFAIK without assistance from Reddog.

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On 4/2/2021 at 2:55 PM, Lubidius said:

Is this still in motion? This is Murdock from the old VEF campaign days. Good to see you again Buzzsaw


Yes it is. However, 4 months ago, i bought a house which is roh bau type, and i am spending all of my free time working on it alone. This is why project is suffering.

So far, most of the air loadouts, part of roads, part of airfields, part of units in database have been done, analyzing template (done), building mission (done), script for eventlog has been prepared and lightly tested. SEOW online mission planer works, but i made just a few areas to make proof of work. When i will be able to continue with this, i don't know, i guess during the summer holiday maybe.   If community would like to help and see this project available for download quicker than i am able to finish it alone, you can do some parts to speed up things. If anyone know how to take HD pictures from the game, merge them into bigger pictures, and cover all the cities, all the airbases and a few big areas to have most of the  battlefield covered, please do that. This is very time consuming job and, like i said, my free time is very very limited....i guess trough the whole of this year. Also, to make object specification table, every single ground/sea unit in the game need to be tested to figure out their actual shooting range (distance where they open fire to enemy unit). This can be done by anyone who knows how to use mission planer and than enter these results in excel sheet.

All of this (ground units) data are available on the Team Fusion side, but to access them they require me NDA which i don't want to sign, since i am doing this alone, and i am doing this for free which is basically the only way i can use SEOW code system made by 4Shades and other guys during past 15 years.

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Thanks to Thor for his interest in this project.


Team Fusion is restricted by the terms of our agreement with 1C Online Games to only allow persons access to game elements when NDA's are signed.  That is an inescapable fact.


To let Thor know:  We have have had hundreds of people sign NDA's and no one has complained that we have harassed or otherwise made demands which are unreasonable.


I would encourage others in the community to volunteer their time with Thor... the process is not complex... most of it entails mapping road routes... dull but necessary.  I did this myself for the original SEOW online for IL-2 1946.

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