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Thrustmaster pedals and brakes problem

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I can not bind the left and right brakes on my Thustmaster TFRP Pedals the rudder is ok but will not bind the brakes. I have the Thrustmaster T16000 joystick and throttle and that works ok.

any one had this problem with the foot brakes


EDIT I have it sorted now thanks

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Are the brakes working with any other button? I don't use pedals, but remember that the flappers on your throttle unit worked fine for rudder, and i had one n button assigned for braking.

Might be that left right separate braking function is not always possible for all planes ...

some info: https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/d1mxg9/thrustmaster_tfrp_pedals_and_assigning_wheel/

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