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Missing mouse Cursor.

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A while back I bought Battle of Stalingrad from this website.  I only got to play it once before it automatically updated...now the mouse cursor isn’t visible in the cockpit.  So now nothing is selectable in the cockpit or on the side menus.  

Thanks for your help. 


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Yeah, just the Cliffs of Dover game Blitz/Tobruk series have interactive cockpits and mouse over labels for instrument reading (100% of the flyables are interactive).


To bind the mouse key is at the very botton of the Plane Controls and to show/hide it on the cockpits you just hit F10.

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If your are talking about Cliffs Blitz/Tobruk, there's a folder with some useful manuals/flashcards inside the game folder: \\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\manuals\aircraft


Or, ingame under "Extras" you can access the same manuals/flashcards.


On the BoX series you basically bind your important keys, ailerons, rudder, throttle, propeller pitch (but the cockpits are not interactive)...In Blitz/Tobruk you can do the exact same thing, but there's a lot of stuff you can click directly inside the cockpit as you would do IRL. If you are familiarized with the real thing, with a clickable pit you can find where to click/push/pull.


The Cliffs Engine is a full simulator with interactive cockpits and mouse over labels for some study sim experince (not everything is interactive, like, radios, oxigen instruments and etc, but all important stuff for you to start your plane and manage your engine is interactive and is placed where the real thing should be for you to point your mouse and click at it. And it will show a label with the name of that switch/lever/knob. If you point your mouse at an instrument it will show temps/speed/altitude on those labels).


The speed shown in the label on the image bellow means you 'passed' your mouse over the speed indicator.

If it's a lever it will name the lever and you can pull/push.



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