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PC CD ROM Instalation

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Quick wee story, during lockdown had a clear out and found all my old "big box" pc games,  IL2 was my favourite, anyway loaded it up into CD drive and suprise suprise wont load with windows 10, tried to run as administrator and tried the compatability mode as well no luck , any help? sorry for noob question😁

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 IL2 was my favourite


What version is it?

There have been a number of CD's / DVD's about with the IL2 Label/Brand on it ... lots of versions ... 1.x Sturmovik, 2.x Forgotten Battles, 3.x Pacific Fighters, 4.x 1946 ... if I remember correctly....


Any error messages?


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Can you see the data on the CD in explorer, or is the whole CD not seen? Can you export it as ISO with a CD copy program? CloneCD is quite good.

You could try open that exported ISO with WinCDEmu (3.6 is the version i use most).

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