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If a bullet/cannon hits the propeller blade, is there any damage?

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I'm aware you can actually hit the individual spinning propeller blades, which is really impressive in itself. Wondering if a hit to the propeller blade has any effect like an 'engine damage' RPM fluctuation or anything? 

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In my adventures as a daring but incompetent low level pilot, I frequently manage to brush treetops with my prop. I've seen everything from instant prop break and engine seizure to severe vibration and rpm fluctuations to getting an 'engine damaged' notification and marginal loss of speed with no other real consequences. 


Admittedly this is terrain damage rather than projectile damage but it does seem to indicate that different states of prop damage do exist... 

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18 hours ago, BornToBattle said:

Now THAT also looks like a very interesting and cool museum to visit!


It is! They have a small section of a Fw 200 cabin, a full blown He 162, a Wasserfall missile and some other interesting stuff.

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