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PWCG Not so cooperative Coop

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I have just gotten into my first Coop campaign with my grown son, so we are flying together as he learns to fly the sim.  That said, I always thought this was a very interesting option that you have given to the Coop community and we might use it down the line.  From a personal gaming perspective, just the chance of running into a REAL ace on occasion always keeps me alert when playing the same type of "Open" mode in Elite Dangerous, but obviously that is a persistent mode.   


So, I will be interested to see the responses you get from the Coop community you have helped create with PWCG.  If there was a group that advertised their campaign time for an occasional opposing forces pilot to join, I might consider dropping in for a flight if available.  But I just don't know how practical that really is...so I think you are right that it comes down to the larger groups to see if they are flying both sides. 

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It's certainly on our roadmap in the DangerDogz Pat.


In the nebulous stages I wasn't sure how many of Dogz would have been interested in flying the campaign; in the past many have eschewed the longer take-off-fly to action-fly home-land format because of length and the potential  frustration of getting taken out of the evenings entertainment prematurely by bad luck, one wrong decision or a piece of ineptness on the part of another player.

Thus, I initially was expecting to struggle to get a even squadrons worth of  participants and as I wanted to foster the teamwork ethic and practice among st the squad I touted it as a PvE campaign.


However with numbers regularly in the 12-16 player there is discussion about potentially either evolving the current campaign, or when completed, making the next iteration we choose into a PvP effort. The idea has even been mooted of inviting another squad in to play as the opposition.


So, yes the will is there, just needs an impetus from our side to get it rollling.

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Nope. The sole purpose I have for PWCG is cooperative and single player campaigns. I use the SP campaigns mostly because some of the default Careers have you flying for 1h+ and I don't usually have that much time. PWCG offers a wide variety of missions that are normally less than 1h, which is great.

Edit: Also, since IL-2 doesn't have a its own Co-operative campaigns, I'm stuck using PWCG to play with friends since I don't touch MP at all due to medical reasons.

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