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Blender and Autodesk 3DsMAX - general Q

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Now i am only a bit familiar with Photoshop CS6 and Premiere for work a while back, as i bought them a few years ago before they turned to the current CC licensing system.


3D modeling. Blender and Autodesk 3DsMAX seem to be the most used tools around. (??)

Any one been using those in relation to IL2 modding?


Blender is freeware like Gimp, but 3Ds Max has such a steep licensing fee that it's just too expensive for just an occasional hobbyist stint with it.

Tips welcome !!

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I started learning Blender in order to make models of hidden items like the guns / engine, etc. so as to make illustrations of the ground crew working on the planes (using screenshots as the basis). It's such a steep learning curve that I'm still thrashing at it but I'm enjoying learning a new skill. I may never get to my original intent but I believe it's time well spent.


That being said, I would not even think about spending the exorbitant cost for 3DsMAX unless I was considering moving to a profession.


I know that some people have made mods and I seem to recall that Jason had asked for people to build minor things like buildings and such a while back but I don't recall what format they needed and it was all subject to approval.

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3D and buildings: I got curious about the building blocks that are in the Moscow City no fly zone, since EffeDB's new 4.503 mod.

They are in there as Grounds, b11.mgm, b12.mgm and up. Tried getting them in Blender, but have to know a little more about 3D stuff and vector drawing first i guess.



PS What i still don't get is why the IL2 company does not see the potential of an improved ME. Even if you have to pay extra for it; as i would.

Mission making is already far above any other sim-game IMO and something i really appreciate though.


The potential powers for ME map editing, even making, could IMO create a lot more interest in GB.

I know a guy who's not into WW2 planes and shooters at all, but is into the new Flight Simulator 2020 and especially creating map stuff.


-------- Moscow Sidling, and Map creation:


One thing on the Moscow map that got me interested are the train routes. Around Moscow there are double tracks, good for a train race LoL.

See download link below.


Railways, a lot are missing in Rheinland, were the backbone of the WW1 and WW2 war industry amongst the absent industrial areas specially in the Ruhrgebiet. 

I gave up on editing the map as you cannot save height corrections and edit out 'incorrectly" placed forests where a town or canal should be.


I bought TrainSimWorld2 recently as they promised more flexibility and programming stuff, but it's editing is still like riding a dead horse compared to IL2 GB.

The only thing that i got going is 'driving' a UK diesel loc on a Canadian route. Alas on still the same old route.

Graphics in TSW are great, but it quickly gets boring unless you like puzzles with railway yard jobs arranging wagons in trains.

BTW The older (and very cheap today) Train Simulator (bought v 2016 for $7 on ebay, free updating to v2021) shows a lot of interest for the steam era.

Made by 3rd parties and modders too.



For Moscow alas in the City zone the railway yards are not completed; just a single track going through those places. .

If been messing with trains there .. see somewhere down on this page.

Yesterday i added more stuff like trucks, AA, and German planes, but haven't even got time to finish and test. There are some quirks with MCUs it seems



Moscow Mayhem v03b.zip

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I use Maya personally, If you are trying to get into 3d modeling as a possible career in the future I'd say try and get a student license for 3dsmax or Maya as they are the industry standard(that is not to say other packages are not used in other studios). Blender may some day be right up there as a standard package but big studios don't use it right now very much if a t all, however it is gaining more visibility in the industry. Maya is the leading package for Film and 3ds max games. Autodesk until this year gave 3 year licenses to anyone for free as a student license, But now they have cut it to one year and restricted access to students only. Zbrush is another really good tool, and cheap compared to the other two and is used in conjunction with the other two packages. Blender is the Modders delight however, free and plenty of functionality! some other packages that are good and used in the industry are Houdini(Film), Cinema 4d(film) and Modo(games), there are a few others as well but Autodesk is the most common. If your just a hobbyist then Blender is plenty. If you wanna try texturing then Mari and Adobe Substance painter are the go to's. Mari is the film industry standard and substance gaming. There are also a few other texturing packages like Substance designer(also Adobe). Substance painter is very user friendly, compared to Mari and yet very powerful especially if combined with its sibling Designer. there's lots of other tools and some of them like Maya are a all in one package, you can animate, rig, texture and do motion graphics as well as compositing but usually several softwares are used as some functionality may be better, easier or quicker in packages like Zbrush or Substance. All that being said, Blender, Zbrush, photoshop and Substance Painter are imo the Modders complete suite of tools.

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Thanks for your extensive info, really appreciated ... Been looking at Maya once a while ago, as i was a little interested in cartoon film making,

but never got further than editing a running and jumping GIF animated mouse in an existing film-clip with Adobe Premiere.


3D and IL2 .mgm object editing like modding of buildings would be nice. And corrective terrain editing especially of heights and forest areas too.




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I'm not sure what you think you're going to accomplish with regards to IL2.


As a long time 3D modeler and texture artist I can tell you that most of the jobs get outsourced to $hithole countries where someone with pirated software will work for pennies.


That said I've used Modo, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, a small bit of Max and a smaller bit of Blender. I was in the process of learning Blender last year when I had a change in priorities.

Modo is the best modeling software that I've used. The Mustang below was modeled in Modo, rendered in Cinema 4D.


Right now Blender is far and away the best option almost regardless of what you're doing. It's gone from a "B" category package to one of the most powerful 3D suites, and it's free.

Nothing you would be doing is going to require a separate texturing package, and you won't be doing anything that's going into the game at any rate.





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Well basically i was most interested in getting rid of trees that are programmed solidly in the way where omitted towns, even cities are supposed to be on the Rheinland map.

Some significant battles took place f.i. around Dordrecht, a more than1000 years old town, and the 2 bridges there.


There was a film made, with historic material too:



Uhh, now I only got this far LoL:




Even playing the Monty Python song 'I'm a Lumberjack"doesn't help. I gave it up.


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I live in the Netherlands, and I can confirm that flying over it in the Bodenplatte map does not make me feel like I'm flying over 1940s NL haha. I understand all the constraints from the dev side, but it would be cool if some community improvement project happens. I'd be happy to put in a bit of time myself.

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29 minutes ago, jollyjack said:

Well basically i was most interested in getting rid of trees that are programmed solidly in the way where omitted towns, even cities are supposed to be on the Rheinland map.


Ahh - well if that were possible (which it isn’t) you wouldn’t need much in the way of 3D skill/knowledge to do it. Select/Delete. :)

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