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Yak 9T skin based on Yak aircraft of 7th GvIAD, 303rd IAD

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I based this Yak 9T skin on a profile by artist Claes Sundin using the superb 4K template prepared by ICDP. I had to adjust the Alpha layer quite a bit due to the current trend of massive reflectivity but I am starting to get to grips with it again now. There doesn't seem to be much adjustment available if you wish to represent fluids though which is a pity. If anyone has figured out how to get liquids to look right I could do with some pointers. Enjoy! :)









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Ok, I wasn't sure at first how a picture of a beautiful oil stain was going to get me very far. But then I converted it to a psd, created an alpha layer and put it into a skin to check it out. That let me see where I had been going wrong and it just needed a change in method by using more variance to get me back on track. Thank You Rap! :good:






Meanwhile I made a semi-historic winter skin for the 9T. Next one will have working liquid spills again...  :blush:   thanks to a little help from my friend :bye:







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One more, this time in a Southern Fronts camo scheme and again semi-historical. It is interesting how the skin tone changes in the different light conditions. The third pic is nearest to what it actually looks like.










Updated to fix blurred stars and other stuff :huh:


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