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New Oculus Rift S Question

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Hello all,


Firstly my god this game is glorious and after getting a new rig and the oculus rift S it has been an experience I’ve dreamed of for 20 years lol. I was wondering if I could ask some questions to any other oculus rift pilots for advice? 

1. I have a brand new rig that has been working wonderfully but just want to make sure I’m optimizing the most for VR.  Anyone who knows the best graphics settings or any other things that can maximize my experience would be great. I’ve searched online but most info is 6 months to a year old  so just wanted to see what I can do since updates and whatnot these days ?  I used the Oculus debug tool to turn of ASW as well as downloaded the open composite so I’m not running steam  vr.  Everything is decent but just wanted to pick any other Oculus Pilots for tips and best settings .


2.  I dont Know why but when playing PWCG and doing missions my frame rates are all over the place and barely over 40 FPS? Any help would be Greatly appreciated on vr !


3. What’s the best way to chat since I can’t see my keyboard when flying ? Is there a good “voice “ app to be able to use to use the in game chat by speaking ?


thanks as always !!



Oh one more question I forgot...is it true you should lower  the in game resolution since I’m not playing in 2d and will help performance ?

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