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Mouse stops working when I put on headset - resolved

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mouse works when headset is off but as soon as I put it on the mouse won't move, tried pressing windows + y and it does not do anything.   How do you get the mouse to work with IL2 VR and mixed reality headset reverb g2

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9 hours ago, AcesHigh said:

Per Shadowgravy confirmed this works per his instruction "Reverb G2? I found that pressing the menu button on a hand controller and then exiting out back to the IL-2 hangar lets me use the mouse again."


1) launch IL2 in VR

2) alt+tab out of the game to desktop

3) press win+Y, mouse comes back to the desktop

4) alt+tab back in to the game

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I’m having this same problem. Mouse is not recognized when entering IL2 in VR.

Didn’t have this problem with RiftS so is this saying it’s a WMR or Steam VR software issue? I miss not being able to run OpenComposite now with the G2. Sure somebody comes up with a proper fix for this as the Rift S now has me spoiled.

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